1. The ground floor is reserved for reception (Common), Car parking, other utility service and as required.
2. Super Quality imported lift shall be provided.
3. Generator connection for operating lift, Water Pump, lighting in the common place & 2 emergency light points 01 fan point in each apartment in case of power failure.
4. Wide main entry and driveway with decorative security gate.
5.0ne management room on rooftop.
6. Intercom system and fire extinguisher shall be provided.


1. Solid decorative wooden main doors with security chain, check viewer and door lock.
2. All windows will be of 3" local aluminum framed sliding shutters with 5mm tinted glass and M.S. Grill.
3. Internal doors will be veneered partex shutters with French polish / enamel paint with shill .' karai or equivalent chowkat/ frame.
4. All bathroom doors will be UPVC doors.
5. Exterior surface of the building will be painted with Snowcem / durocem. Interior walls with distemper paint, ceiling with white wash main lobby and staircase will be painted with distemper paint.
6. Protective parapet walls & Separate area with clotheslines for drying laundry.
7. Heat protected insulation / lime concrete layer shall be provided on top of the roof.
8. Parking floor shall be of cast finished.


1. RCC Framed structures on isolated column footing.
2. Stone chips shall be used in foundation, picked Jhama chips for other RCC works.
3. High strength deformed mild steel bar or required size will be used as per design for reinforcing work.
4. All material shall be used as pre ASTM code and all structures have been designed as per ACI building code (WSDMethod) &Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC). Which will be sound for withstanding Earthquake and wind velocity 210 kmph


1. Required size underground and overhead water reservoir with water lifting pump.
2. Concealed electric, telephone, waters and gas line.
3. Individual electric meters for each apartment.
4. Best quality local electric wires and electric Foreign M.K. Switches. Adequate power points for air conditioners, fans, telephones, TV / STY connections etc.