ALLOTMENT : Allotment shall be made on first - come first - serve basis on receipt of the booking money as per application.
ALLOTMENT PREFERENCE : Buyers willing to make one time payment will be given preference and 5% discount may be allowed to them except on the booking money and cost of parking space.
ALLOTMENT TRANSTER : Until the full payment of the installments, the buyers shall not have the right to transfer the allotment to a third party without the consent of the company.
PAYMENT : All payment are to be made by crossed cheque / bank draft / pay order etc. The buyer must strictly adhere to the schedule of payment to ensure timely completion of the construction work. Any delay in payment up to two installment,will make buyer liable to pay 3% interest per month on the payable amount. if the payment is delayed beyond three installments,the company shall have the right to cancel the such on event the amount paid by the buyer will be refunded after deducting the booking money.
CANCELLATION OF BOOKING : In case of any cancellation of booking of an apartment by a client, the amount deposited will be refunded after selling of that apartment to the new buyer and on deduction of incidental charges of TK. 50,000/= (Taka fifty thousand) only.
COMPANY`S RIGHT : The company reserves the right to accept or reject application for an allotment of apartment. The company may make minor changes in the design and specification of the project should those become necessary.
REGISTRATION COSTS : The buyer shalll bear all costs relating to cost of stamps, registration fess and related legal fess etc. The company will make necessary arrangements for all such formalities.
INCIDENTAL COSTS : Utility connection fees, flat owners cooperative society fee and other incidental charges and costs relating to Gas, water sewerage, power connection etc. are not included in the price of the apartment. The company will make those payments directly to the concerned authorities on allottee's account. The allotee shall have to pay those charged proportionately on actual cost bases before taking possession of the apartment.
HAND OVER OF POSSESSION : The possession of the apartment and parking space will be handed over on receipt of full payments and on completion of all works as per time schedule of the company.
APARTMENT OWNER`S WELFARE SOCIETY : The buyer must become a member of the owner's cooperative society which will be formed by the buyers of the apartments and duly registered for the management of the common services such as pumps, electric generator (if any) and annual maintenance of the building etc. Each buyer of the apartment shall deposit TK. 15,000/= (TK. fifteen thousand only) for annual common services expenses. The monthly utility service expenses will borne by the owners as per requirement, which will be decided by the company until formation of owner's co - operative society.